Teaching Assistants | Department of English

Teaching Assistants

Katie Beeman

Email: rkbeeman@uncg.edu

Area: Medieval Literature

Catherine Bowlin

Email: clbowli2@uncg.edu

Area: 19th and 20th century American literature, ecocriticism, environmental literature, environmental justice, place studies

Sharayah Bradley

Email: sabower@uncg.edu

Area: Native Literature / Poetry and gendered colonial violence

Abby Bryan

Email: agbryan@uncg.edu

Kate Burt

Email: ktburt@uncg.edu

Area: Human Nutrition Education, Animal Studies, Victorian Literature, and Pedagogy

Morgan Carter

Office: MHRA 3112C
Email: mecarte5@uncg.edu

Rebecca Ethridge

Email: rlethridge@uncg.edu

Area: MFRA in Poetry

Kathy Goodkin

Email: kmgoodkin@uncg.edu

Leah Haynes

Email: ljhaynes@uncg.edu

Area: Rhetoric and Composition, Southern American Literature, rhetoric of American culture and identity, writing program administration

Valerie Kelco

Email: vrkelco@uncg.edu

Area: Valerie’s research focuses on 20th century African American literature and the digital humanities.

Maggie Kelly

Area: Early Modern drama with a focus on representations of violence

Leslie Knight

Email: lkknight@uncg.edu

Area: Southern Literature, Ecocriticism, and Post-1800s Literature

Cindy Damm McPeters

Office: MHRA 3210
Email: cdmcpete@uncg.edu

Evan Moore

Email: ecmoore3@uncg.edu

Carole-Anne Morris

Carole-Anne Morris

Email: csmorris2@uncg.edu

Area: Southern Literature, Post-Humanism

Mohammad Ataullah Nuri

Email: m_nuri@uncg.edu

Area: Environmental Humanities, World literature, Women and the Environment in South Asian Anglophone literature

Gillian Perry

Email: grperry@uncg.edu

Sam Phillips

Email: stphillips@uncg.edu

Area: Rhetoric of Religion, History of Rhetoric, Writings of English Dissenters in the Seventeenth Century

Daysha Pinto

Office: 3112A MHRA
Email: dppinto@uncg.edu

Janie Raghunandan

Office: MHRA 3210H
Email: j_raghun@uncg.edu

Area: Intersectional Feminist Rhetoric, Cultural Rhetoric, Pedagogy, and History of Rhetoric

Hannah Roberts

Office: MHRA 3210-D
Email: hmrobert@uncg.edu

Taylor Roberts

Email: tjrober2@uncg.edu

Jay N. Shelat

Office: 3112E MHRA
Email: jnshelat@uncg.edu

Area: Post-1900 literature, contemporary literature, postcolonial studies, media studies

Amber Simpson

Email: ahsimpso@uncg.edu

Area: Cultural rhetorics, digital rhetorics, sociocultural linguistics, and technofeminism

Will Smith

Office: 3210C MHRA
Email: wssmith2@uncg.edu

Area: Medieval Literature, Digital Rhetoric

Jamie Watson

Office: 3112G MHRA
Email: jlwatso5@uncg.edu

Kristin Yates

Office: 3210A MHRA
Email: kjyates@uncg.edu