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Teaching Assistants

Matthew Armstrong

Office: 3210A MHRA
Email: mcarmstr@uncg.edu

MA in Literature and MFA in Creative Writing-Fiction (Completed), PhD in Contemporary American Narrative (In Progress)

Area: Rhetoric and literature that has emerged out of the Global War on Terror. For more information, find him on his "Global War on Terror Studies" blog: http://mcarmstrong.com/

Sharayah Bower

Email: sabower@uncg.edu

Area: Native American Literature and American Rape Culture

Catherine Bowlin

Office: MHRA 3210D
Email: clbowli2@uncg.edu

Area: 20th and 21st century American literature, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, Southern literature

Erik Cofer

Office: 3210F MHRA
Email: etcofer@uncg.edu

Ph.D. in Literary Studies (in progress)

Area: 20th Century American Literature, Contemporary Anglophone Literature

Benjamin Compton

Office: 3112C MHRA
Email: bscompto@uncg.edu

PhD - 20th Century American Literature (In progress)

Area: Modernism in Southern Literature

Kathy Contant

Email: k_contan@uncg.edu

Hannah Edwards

Office: 3210H MHRA
Email: heedward@uncg.edu

Kristie Ellison

Office: 3210E MHRA
Email: klelliso@uncg.edu

PhD - Rhetoric/Composition & WGS post-bac certificate program

Area: Legal Rhetorics, Feminist Theory and Pedagogical Approaches, Reproductive Justice, Public Humanities

Kayla Forrest

Office: 3112C MHRA
Email: kmforres@uncg.edu

PhD-American Literature (in progress)

Area: 19th & 20th Century American literature, American Expatriate Literature in Paris, Modernism, Spatial Theory, & Hemingway Studies

Jesse Gay

Office: 3112E MHRA
Email: jlgay2@uncg.edu

PhD - English Literature (in progress)

Area: 20th Century British Literature & Psychoanalytic Theory

Leah Haynes

Office: MHRA 3313
Email: ljhaynes@uncg.edu

Assistant Director of College Writing

Area: Rhetoric and Composition, Southern American Literature, rhetoric of American culture and identity, writing program administration

Marc Keith

Office: 3210F MHRA
Email: mrkeith2@uncg.edu

PhD in Literature (in progress)

Area: 20th century transatlantic literature & ecocriticism, with a special emphasis on posthumanism

Valerie Kelco

Email: vrkelco@uncg.edu

Area: Valerie’s research focuses on 20th century African American literature and the digital humanities.

Maggie Kelly

Area: Early Modern drama with a focus on representations of violence

Luciana Lilley

Office: 3210H MHRA
Email: ldlilley@uncg.edu

Kellyn Poole Luna

Office: 3210G MHRA
Email: knpoole@uncg.edu

PhD - Renaissance Literature (in progress)

Area: 14th & 15th Centruy European Court Literature & Portraiture, Feminist Theory (representations & functions of the female body and mind in literature)

Bryan McMillan

Office: 3112B MHRA
Email: btmcmill@uncg.edu

PhD - Literature (in progress)

Area: 19th century American & British Literature, ecocriticism. Special emphasis: the intersection of Eastern Philosophy & nature writing.

Cynthia McPeters

Office: 3210H MHRA
Email: cdmcpete@uncg.edu

Beth Miller

Office: 3210H MHRA
Email: bkmille7@uncg.edu

PhD in Literature (in progress)

Area: Late 20th early 21st century British & postcolonial literature

Katie Naymon

Office: 3210D MHRA
Email: kpnaymon@uncg.edu

Matthew Phillips

Office: 3112F MHRA
Email: mmphill2@uncg.edu

PhD - Literature (in progress)

Area: The bond between science and literature, European & Southern Modernism, Romanticism

Daysha Pinto

Office: 3112A MHRA
Email: dppinto@uncg.edu

Jay N. Shelat

Office: 3112E MHRA
Email: jnshelat@uncg.edu

Area: Post-1900 literature, contemporary literature, postcolonial studies, media studies

Gia Coturri Sorenson

Office: 3210E MHRA
Email: gmcoturr@uncg.edu

MA/Ph.D. - Literature (MA completed, Ph.D. in progress)

Area: 19th Century British & American Literature, Ecocriticism, Women's Writing, Agriculture, & Literary Gardens

Jeremy South

Office: 3112G MHRA
Email: jpsouth@uncg.edu

Ph.D. - Literature, in progress

Area: 20CE American Literature, Theory & Labor

Eileen Totter

Office: 3210B MHRA
Email: emtotter@uncg.edu

MA in English (completed), Ph.D. in English (in progress)

Area: British Romanticism & Women Authors (specifically Jane Austen)

Jamie Watson

Office: 3112G MHRA
Email: jlwatso5@uncg.edu

Whitney Wingate

Office: 3112F MHRA
Email: wtwingat@uncg.edu

Kristin Yates

Office: 3210A MHRA
Email: kjyates@uncg.edu