Lecturers | Department of English


Emma Boggs

Office: Curry 335F
Email: ejboggs@uncg.edu

Marissa Bolin

Email: mnbolin@uncg.edu

Candace Chambers

Office: MHRA 3108
Email: crchambers@uncg.edu

Patrick Crowley

Office: MHRA 3320
Email: pmcrowley@uncg.edu

Shawn Delgado

Office: MHRA 3307
Email: smdelgad@uncg.edu

MFA in Creative Writing- Poetry

Area: 20th Century and Contemporary Poetry, Poetry Writing and Craft, Humor in Poetry, Science Fiction Tropes in Poetry, Contemporary Graphic Novel

Joe Dunne

Office: Curry 335A
Email: jddunne@uncg.edu

Rebecca Ethride

Office: Curry 335C
Email: rlethridge@uncg.edu

Evan Fackler

Office: MHRA 3305
Email: etfackle@uncg.edu

Joe George

Office: MHRA 3106
Email: jageorge@uncg.edu

Luke Huffman

Office: Curry 335G

Richard Moriarty

Office: Curry 341B
Email: rcmoriar@uncg.edu

Gillian Perry

Office: Curry 335A
Email: grperry@uncg.edu

Matthew Phillips

Email: mmphill2@uncg.edu

Area: European & Southern Modernism

Michael Pittard

Office: Curry 335G
Email: mtpittar@uncg.edu

Elma Sabo

Email: eksabo@uncg.edu

Area: Journalism

Andrew Saulters

Email: apsaulte@uncg.edu

Angela Winsor

Office: Curry 335D
Email: aswinsor@uncg.edu