Lecturers | Department of English


Elysia Balavage

Office: Curry 335D
Email: ecbalava@uncg.edu

Area: 20th century American literature with a research interest in transatlantic Modernist poetry

Jabar Boykin

Office: MHRA 3307
Email: jjboykin@uncg.edu

Kristen Brunelli

Office: Curry 335B
Email: kabrunel@uncg.edu

Emily Cinquemani

Office: MHRA 3127
Email: efcinque@uncg.edu

Area: Creative Writing, Contemporary Poetry

Shawn Delgado

Office: MHRA 3307
Email: smdelgad@uncg.edu

MFA in Creative Writing- Poetry

Area: 20th Century and Contemporary Poetry, Poetry Writing and Craft, Humor in Poetry, Science Fiction Tropes in Poetry, Contemporary Graphic Novel

Ross Garrison

Office: MHRA 3311
Email: rmgarris@uncg.edu

MFA in Creative Writing

Area: Fiction and Narrative

Joe George

Office: MHRA 3106
Email: jageorge@uncg.edu

Emily Hall

Phone: 256-8553
Office: Curry 335E
Email: emhall3@uncg.edu

Ph.D. in Post-1900 British Literature

Area: Avant-garde, 21st century novels

David Hough

Office: MHRA 3311
Email: dmhough@uncg.edu

Bailey Maple

Office: Curry 335E
Email: bmwarner@uncg.edu

Richard Moriarty

Office: Curry 335F
Email: rcmoriar@uncg.edu

Michael Pittard

Office: Curry 335G
Email: mtpittar@uncg.edu

Forrest Rapier

Office: MHRA 3305
Email: fkrapier@uncg.edu

Michelle Reed

Office: MHRA 3127
Email: msreed2@uncg.edu

Rosemary Roberts

Email: rmroberts@triad.rr.com

Area: Journalism

Elma Sabo

Email: eksabo@uncg.edu

Area: Journalism

Carl Schlachte

Office: Curry 335A
Email: cpschlac@uncg.edu

Area: Rhetoric and Composition

Wesley Sexton

Office: Curry 335C
Email: wdsexton@uncg.edu

Julia Ridley Smith

Office: MHRA 3305
Email: jrsmi24@uncg.edu

Area: Creative Writing (fiction and nonfiction), editing, literature in relation to visual art

Byron Woods

Email: byron.woods@gmail.com

Area: Journalism

Bonnie Yarbrough

Phone: 334-3282
Office: MHRA 3105
Email: btyarbro@uncg.edu


Area: Writing for Professionals & Entrepreneurs; Writing Across the Disciplines; Professional Communication; Business & Technical Writing; 19th c. literature; Entrepreneurship