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English Education Program

North Carolina needs teachers. Our English with High School Licensure program prepares students for the challenges of teaching English in grades 9-12. The University’s Department of English and School of Education work together to ensure students graduate with both the theory to support their practice and real-world experiences to support them both while they are students and once they graduate.

This NCATE-accredited program is designed for students who want to teach high school English, although majors often go on to graduate school in English or other professional schools such as law, medicine, or education. Our graduates have excellent placement records and often go on to work for school districts across the state, nationally, and internationally.


  • There is a high demand for teachers in North Carolina and across the nation. Our program excels at preparing students for the complexities of teaching. Alumni frequently have been named teacher of the year at the school, district, and regional levels.
  • UNCG graduates excel at oral and written communication, critical thinking, problem solving, active listening, reading comprehension and analysis. These skills make our graduates assets for any employer both in the field of education and beyond.
  • Research indicates that English majors who choose to pursue a graduate or professional degree consistently perform at the highest level on the GMAT, MCAT, LASAT, and the GRE.

UNCG prides itself as an inclusive, collaborative, and responsive institution making a difference in the lives of students and the communities it serves. In keeping with that tradition, the faculty and staff of the English Education program take their responsibilities to provide engaged and individualized instruction seriously. They are dedicated to design collaborative rather than competitive learning environments and embody the belief that students are active participants in their own education.

The UNCG English Education program considers how teachers teach to be as important as what they teach. The ability to reflect on your practice as well as addressing personal beliefs and presumptions about education is imperative in today’s classroom. The English Education faculty models these practices in their own teaching journeys. As such, the classroom remains an active and fluid practice rather than a standardized product.

During your Sophomore year or before, be sure to contact the Director of English Education Dr. Jeanie Reynolds at jmreyno3@uncg.edu if you are interesting in the program.