Learning Outcomes | Department of English

Learning Outcomes

Goal 1

  • Candidates will exhibit content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge through preparation of course assignments and activities, evaluations by peers and faculty, and reflective writing at all stages of their program of study.
  • Candidates will exhibit knowledge of the interconnectedness of writing, reading, and language study by researching, preparing and teaching curriculum that meets the needs of their students and reveals the richness and depth of the discipline.
  • Candidates will recognize the value of cooperation and collaboration by engaging in group projects and interacting with peers, prospective students, and practicing mentor teachers in coursework and field experiences.

Goal 2

  • Candidates will demonstrate an ability to name, debate, research, modify and employ a variety of methods, materials, and assessment strategies that respond to individual needs through the design and execution of lesson plans, unit plans, and classroom instruction in both classroom and field experiences.
  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of how English content relates to other disciplines and cultures by developing and selecting course materials that foster global awareness, counteract stereotypes, incorporate differing points of view, respond to cultural diversity and connect learning to student lives.
  • Candidates will recognize and appreciate difference through the texts they study and through critically thinking about those texts in writing and discussion.

Goal 3

  • Candidates will demonstrate an ability to read, write, speak, listen, and view in a way appropriate for Secondary teachers of English through course work and by actively engaging with students and practicing teachers in Secondary classrooms.
  • Candidates will demonstrate their understanding of various forms of communication by engaging in classroom and field experiences that require use of content materials in all areas of the language arts.
  • Candidates will develop literacy skills necessary for all areas of communication.

Goal 4

  • Candidates will demonstrate an ability to think critically and creatively, problem solve, use information and provide leadership by engaging in professional communities and by developing and implementing meaningful curriculum in a Secondary setting.
  • Candidates will demonstrate an ability to encourage Secondary students to develop their own thoughts and ideas, improve collaborative skills, draw conclusions, use technology, and strengthen social ties through management of and interaction with classroom communities.
  • Candidates will join professional organizations, attend programs that offer opportunity for learning, and reflect on ways to use new ideas to improve teaching and learning situations.