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Dr. Kara Baldwin

Featured in Campus Weekly, September 15 2020: Dr. Kara Baldwin (Office of TRiO Programs) received new funding from the U.S. […]

Dr. Belinda Walzer

Belinda Walzer- Appalachian State University

Dr. KT Leuschen

Kathleen T. Leuschen is a Lecturer in English in the Writing Program at Emory University. Her research and teaching interests include rhetorical theory, literacy studies, public and activist writing, feminist historiography, community-engaged learning, and public memory. Her scholarship on visual rhetoric, feminist historiography, and public memory has been published in Rhetoric Review and is also forthcoming in two edited collections: Ethics and Representation in Feminist Rhetorical Inquiry and Expansive Reflections: Returning to the Feminisms of the 1970s. 

Dr. Matt Carter

Words are power, and learning to deconstruct and analyze the power words hold over us is more important than ever. My time in the program taught me that words can construct our realities, they can hold us under or lift us up, and they ultimately determine our potential in the world. I am more convinced than ever that we will never truly create a loving, uplifting society until we learn how to stop leveraging words as a club with which to beat others and start using them as an opportunity to empathize with those around us. Reading gives us the means by which to walk in others’ shoes. As we live in these dark times, stone-hearted against what others have to say, may we learn to listen twice as much as we speak.

Dr. Lauren Shook

  Lauren Shook: Texas Lutheran University

Dr. Alicia Beeson

Alicia Matheny Beeson is now an assistant professor of English at West Virginia University at Parkersburg where she teaches literature and writing. She continues to research, write, publish, and present on topics related to the Progressive Era, utopian/dystopian texts, and women writers. From her time at UNCG, she values the support and guidance from the members of her committee throughout the comprehensive exams and dissertation process.

Dr. Crystal Matey

Crystal joined the faculty at the University of North Georgia in 2019 as an Assistant Professor of English, and she teaches a range of writing, literature, and English education courses. Her primary area of research is British literature and science in the long eighteenth-century; however, her research includes the study of science and literature in other periods. She has written entries for the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence and is currently drafting an article entitled “Adaptation, Digital Composition, and the Study of Frankenstein.”

Dr. Jessica D. Ward

Dr. Jessica D. Ward is Assistant Professor of Early British Literature at Mercy College. She received her B.A. and M.A. from the University of North Texas and her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her work focuses on the intersections of medieval literature, theology, gender, and the law. Additional teaching and research interests include early modern drama, gender studies, moral philosophy, economic criticism, multilingualism, multiculturalism, composition studies, and digital humanities. Her scholarship has appeared in Studies in Philology. Current projects include a book-length study on how late fourteenth-century London writers define and engage with the vice of avarice in their works.

Dr. Meghan H. McGuire

Meghan McGuire- University of Lynchburg  

Dr. Emily Dolive

Emily Dolive- Baylor University Emily Dolive- C.V.