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Mary Ellis Gibson

James Evans

Gladys Strawn Bullard Award

Keith Cushman

Oral History Interview with Dr. Keith Cushman

Michael Parker

  Education M.F.A. University of Virginia-1988 B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-1984 Research Interests Mr. Parker teaches courses […]

Craig Nova

  Education M.F.A. Columbia University-1969 B.A. University of California at Berkeley-1967 Research Interests Craig Nova is the award-winning author of […]

Sally Ann Ferguson

Education Ph.D. Ohio State University-1978 M.A. Ohio State University-1974 B.A. Norfolk State College-1973 Research Interests Dr. Ferguson’s interests include multi-ethnic […]

Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater

http:////www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LQdPyNFL5w Education Ph.D. University of New Hampshire-1988 M.A. University of New Hampshire-1981 M.A. New York University-1970 B.A. New York University-1964 […]

Denise Baker

  Education Ph.D. University of Virginia-1975 M.A. University of California at Santa Barbara-1970 B.A. University of Michigan-1968 Research Interests Dr. […]