Objectives for the English Major at UNCG | Department of English

Objectives for the English Major at UNCG

The English Department has established the following objectives for the undergraduate English major. They reflect the basic subject matter and skills we would like our majors to learn from the core requirements of the English major.

1. Reading Texts

The ability to

  • read texts with careful attention
  • understand how authors and readers create meaning in texts
  • recognize rhetorical and literary techniques in texts
  • recognize key ideas in texts and rhetorical strategies used to develop them
  • respond to aesthetic, rhetorical, and cultural qualities in texts

2. Writing

The ability to

  • write clearly and fluently in multiple genres
  • organize coherently and logically
  • edit writing so that it conforms to standard usage
  • develop convincing, well-supported essays

3. Understanding Literature and Rhetoric

The ability to

  • understand the relationship of literature and rhetoric to history and culture
  • understand the history of literature in English in terms of major periods and authors
  • recognize and define major genres of literature
  • recognize and define formal features in literature

4. Understanding Theory and Criticism

The ability to

  • understand and implement several literary and rhetorical theories
  • relate the study of discourse in English to other disciplines
  • understand the general nature, purpose, and methods of English studies

5. Doing Research

The ability to

  • understand and use basic research tools
  • develop questions and topics worth researching
  • use research to develop theses effectively
  • incorporate research into writing