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Teaching Opportunities

The English Department offers teaching opportunities to MA students following the Teaching Composition Plan in two ways:

  • English 680: Teaching Internship in English
  • FIT: Faculty in Training Program at GTCC

ENG 680: Teaching Internship in English for Masters Students

Description of Internship:

This internship introduces masters students to college teaching, usually in lower division courses (100- and sometimes 200-level). Internships are designed as work with or under a mentor, not as team-teaching experiences. Accordingly, interns are expected to teach under direct supervision of the faculty member in charge of the class, with no more than one class taken by the student in the absence of the supervising faculty member. In extraordinary and unexpected circumstances (jury duty, illness, etc.), the faculty can, in consultation with the Graduate Director, modify this policy.

Intern’s Responsibilities:

Interns should be required to do no more than an average of 10 hours work per week, including class preparation and attendance, grading, student conferences and teaching. They are responsible for consulting with the faculty member in the planning stages of the course and syllabus, where possible, and for working with the faculty member in all aspects of the course, including responding to assignments and teaching classes. It is normally expected that in intern will teach one “unit” of a course (e.g. a text, an author, a section of a topic); in a literature course, for example, this might amount to about two or three weeks, while in a writing course it might amount to the preparation and revision of one paper or story.

When students should take the internship:

Normally masters students should take the internship after at least 12 hours of graduate course work are completed. PhD students should defer the internship until the end of their regular course work; this deferral helps them to maintain continuous enrollment without exceeding allowable dissertation hours and allows them to target their internship toward their preparation for the job market.

Who can supervise the internship:

Ordinarily tenured or tenure-track members of the graduate faculty supervise internships. Exceptions may be made under unusual circumstances in consultation with the Department Head.

What students say about their experience as a teaching intern:

“I was always observing, taking notes on the way she taught, transitioned, gave background. I also got a glimpse of how a student-teacher dynamic works. It was a nice middle ground.”

“The internship provided a chance to be in front of the room and enact plans for preparing for a class.”

“You learn quickly if you want to work with students in the future.”

“Without the internship, I wouldn’t have known if I wanted to teach.”

“If you don’t have experience, it’s a great way to ease into it.”

“The internship gave me a chance to see how I would do it differently.”

View the official policy on ENG 680.

FIT: Faculty in Training Program at GTCC

A Cooperative Program Between GTCC & UNCG

UNCG offers the Faculty-in-Training program for MA students who have completed their graduate degrees (or, for students who already hold a graduate degree in any field and have completed at least 18 hours in English). This program allows you to teach under the guidance of experienced teachers at Guilford Technical Community College, an excellent local institution. You teach four courses, gain experience in their writing lab, and even have a department committee assignment. You get to know what it is like to be a college teacher.

Some Specifics

  • Teaching associates receive a two-semester appointment. The second semester’s continuance is based upon successful first-semester performance review.
  • Teaching associates are paid at a rate competitive with area adjuncts.
  • Teaching associates gain exposure to distance learning and technology and work with experienced DL faculty.
  • Teaching associates work with a program director and are assigned full-time faculty mentors.
  • Teaching associates are encouraged to observe other full-time faculty in the department.

Who Is Eligible?

MA graduates with little or no teaching experience but who have a minimum of 18 hours in the discipline are eligible to apply.

What Are the Teaching Associate’s Responsibilities?

  • Attend a half-day program orientation.
  • Thoughtfully prepare assigned courses.
  • Teach two freshman composition courses each semester of appointment.
  • Work six professional hours each week as assigned to the Writing Center and/or other professional activity.
  • Prepare for and attend a weekly seminar with the Program Coordinator.
  • Work with assigned faculty mentor.
  • Attend department meetings as required.
  • Observe classes and be observed.

What Are the Program’s Benefits?

  • Pays a competitive salary.
  • Offers personalized feedback to improve teaching skills and classroom management.
  • Provides documented assessment of teaching skills.
  • Provides exposure to the North Carolina Community College System.
  • Enhances students’ credentials when searching for full-time teaching positions.
  • Provides exposure to distance learning.

What students say about their experience in the FIT Program:

“It’s a great supportive community”

“I didn’t realize how much experience I would get. I had a lot more control than I was expecting.”

For more information, visit FIT’s website.