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Liz Bruce

Liz Bruce is a first-year poetry writer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their poetry explores interior landscapes of identity, spirituality, and mental health within the exterior landscapes of the American South. You can find her on most platforms @lzbthroseb

Jennifer Champagne

Jennifer Champagne is a first-year fiction writer and holds degrees from Mercer University and Wake Forest University, where she studied English, creative writing, and photography. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Susurrus, A Literary Arts Magazine of the American South and her writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

James Daniels

James Daniels

JAMES DANIELS (he/him) is an interdisciplinary poet, writer, and educator from Selma, North Carolina. When he’s not writing, he currently works as a freelance poetry and hip-hop educator, a high school advocate, University Writing Center consultant, and music creator. Catch his upcoming events and further information at

Jenna Dorn

Jenna Dorn is a first-year fiction writer from the land of showbiz, where she earned her Bachelor’s in American Literature at UCLA. She and her wiener dog, Ruth, have since fled for the greener pastures of North Carolina, much to Ruth’s delight. Jenna’s work has appeared in Episodes and The New York Times. 

Eliana Franklin

Eliana Franklin is a first-year poet originally from Charlotte, NC. She received her undergraduate degree at UNC-Asheville, and later spent time in the mountains teaching middle school. Her writing is often inspired by her experiences exploring forests and rivers across the state. She has recent publications in Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality & the Arts and Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry.

Gabrielle Girard

Gabrielle Girard

GABRIELLE GIRARD is a second-year MFA student in fiction at UNCG, where she serves as a graduate teaching assistant and editorial assistant for The Greensboro Review. Her work is available in Atlantis Signet, and storySouth.

John Frank Haugh

John Frank Haugh’s writing has been published in storySouth, The North Carolina Literary Review, Notre Dame Magazine, Main Street Rag, Rat’s Ass Review, Tipton Poetry Review, and The Wall Street Journal. He won the 2022 Randall Jarrell Poetry Prize, a great day. He was selected for Poetry in Plain Sight and two recent anthologiesHaugh lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, was a good fencer once, and spends untold hours in bookstores. When not helping fix supply chain problems, walking, or napping, he works on his next book.

Rachael Hershon

Rachael Hershon is a poet and teacher from Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in Boulevard, Empty House Press, and failbetter among others. Rachael’s work explores themes of family, relationships, sexuality, and the landscape of her hometown. She currently serves as a graduate teaching assistant.

Nellie Hildebrandt

Nellie Hildebrandt

NELLIE HILDEBRANDT is a fiction writer from South Carolina and a second-year MFA student. She is interested in exploring how magical realism and genre-bending provide possibilities for femininity, queerness, and the extramundane in Southern landscapes. She currently serves as as Fiction Editor for The Greensboro Review and is Managing Editor of storySouth. You can find her on twitter @nelliefrancesh.

Nick Leon

Nick León

NICK LEÓN is a writer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As a former AmeriCorps member, he has lived and served in communities in New England and rural NC. He writes about contemporary lives of immigrant and first-generation Mexican Americans.