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College Writing Program

Welcome to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s College Writing Program. UNCG’s College Writing Program helps prepare students to think critically and communicate effectively, so that they can successfully engage in a variety of academic and professional conversations during their time at UNCG and after graduation. Serving most of the university’s students through three core classes, the College Writing Program at UNCG teaches writing through an awareness of rhetoric so that students can craft their arguments with a specific audience, situation, and purpose in mind. Through an emphasis on close reading and critical analysis, we also help students recognize the rhetorical elements in others’ arguments, so that they are better equipped to make their own decisions in a world full of persuasion. Our small class size allows us to give detailed feedback on multiple drafts of student writing, dialog with students individually through at least one set of conferences every semester, and develop a personal rapport with students. Our goal is to help students become scholars and citizens who are ready to engage in their communities and around the globe.