Dr. Alicia Beeson

Dr. Alicia Beeson

Graduated: December 2018

Dissertation Title: “You Have Waked Me All Up”: New Women’s Reformist Utopian Novels of the Progressive Era”

Committee:  María Sánchez (chair), Karen Weyler, Ben Clarke, and Nancy Myers

Alicia Matheny Beeson is now an assistant professor of English at West Virginia University at Parkersburg where she teaches literature and writing. She continues to research, write, publish, and present on topics related to the Progressive Era, utopian/dystopian texts, and women writers. From her time at UNCG, she values the support and guidance from the members of her committee throughout the comprehensive exams and dissertation process. She also appreciates the opportunity to gain experience in different areas, including as a teaching assistantship in an upper-level undergraduate course with María Sánchez and as a graduate assistant director of the Writing Center under Jennifer Whitaker’s leadership. Additionally, the job placement committee was instrumental in helping her develop job materials, prepare for interviews, and obtain a faculty position. The English department provided her the opportunity to teach a range of writing and literature courses and learn from accomplished scholars, particularly in the field of American women writers.

Alicia Beeson- West Virginia University