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Flexible Career Choices

Gain valuable career skills!

English majors not only learn how to read and write better, they also learn numerous marketable job skills. As an English major, you will have a chance to hone your critical analysis skills as well as improve your: public speaking, creative writing, time management, collaboration, research, problem solving, diversity awareness, and so much more!

You can do anything with an English Degree!

Hear from some of our Alumni:

Allen Brown

Allen Brown (BA ’85)

Director of Grants and Projects

“I’ve found that the analytical ability instilled in me as an English major, as well as the skills that English literature studies cultivated in me for highly detailed work, have served me well in my career. There are not enough qualified grant writers for all the openings in the labor market.”

Carlos Rountree (BA ’04)

Human Resources Associate

“Being that training is my focus, my English degree is in constant use from building sound rhetoric to preparing memos for dissemination to crafting scenarios for training participants. “

Candace Byrd (BA ’22)


“I’ve used my great analysis skills that I developed at UNCG to help make sure all of my clients fully understand and feel comfortable with the home buying and selling process and catch any information that may possible complicate the process.”

Chris Boyette (BA ’10)

CNN National News Editor

“I rely on my English degree from UNCG every day, but it goes beyond grammar, diction and syntax. As I tell news stories, help reporters shape stories and decide what stories we cover, I draw on my education in the fundamentals of storytelling and what it means for a narrative to be interesting, characters compelling and ideas clearly presented.”

Nita Tyndall (BA ’16)


“Nita Tyndall (’16) is a graduate of UNCG’s English program and currently a YA writer.”

Mikayla Brown (BA ’22)

High School English Teacher

“I could not be more thankful for UNCG and for the many amazing professors I have had for encouraging and supporting me through my four years here as a student.”