Undergraduate Major Evangeline Lothian Publishes Her Debut Novel!

Undergraduate Major Evangeline Lothian Publishes Her Debut Novel!

Posted on May 9, 2024

Congratulations to Evangeline Grace Lothian (B.A. 2025) for publishing her debut novel with SnowRidge Press!


A god without a hero is nothing. But a hero without a god might save the world…if they can survive the gods.

The land of the Greek gods is in danger, weakened after centuries of infighting between the Hunters of Artemis and the Amazons of Ares. When one of Apollo’s oracles discovers a prophecy threatening the end of Olympia itself, enemies must band together in order to stop a destructive war before it begins.

But how can mere mortal heroes from opposing sides of a long, bloody struggle for power ever hope to save the world? Because it’s not just the looming conflict that threatens their cause – the gods all have secret plots of their own: Poseidon seeks a throne, Artemis the control of Olympia, and Ares wants to destroy the Hunters once and for all. And they will stop at nothing to gain their hearts’ desires…

The heroes must put aside their differences, unravel the gods’ web of deceit, and discover where their own allegiances truly lie if they are to save not only Olympia, but themselves.

If you enjoy Greek mythology, Madeline Miller, Rick Riordan, and girls saving the world, check out Olympia today!

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