Notes on Program Planning & Course Selection


Your advisor can help you design a program of study that will help you attain your goals. Feel free to talk with your advisor about any aspect of your undergraduate studies that concerns or interests you. Jennifer Keith would also be glad to talk with you.

Total Number of Hours.

The minimum number of hours required for an English major is 30. You may choose, however, to take as many as 60 hours in English at the 200-level or above as part of the 122 hours required for graduation.

English Courses at the 100-Level.

Although 100-level courses do not meet major requirements, they are excellent preparation for advanced courses. This is especially true of English 106, Introduction to Poetry.

Cognate Courses.

Cognate courses—courses offered by other departments and that relate to English—can enrich your English major. When you take the English literature survey courses (211 and 212), for example, consider supplementing them with a course in English history. Or consider supplementing a Chaucer course with a course in medieval art history.

Designing Your Major.

The "English--B. A." program allows you much freedom to choose the courses you feel are important. You could select a wide variety of courses to get a broad overview of English studies. Or you could concentrate on a particular area of study. The English Department's brochure, "Writing Courses," for example, indicates how you could develop a concentration in writing. You could choose English courses that complement courses in a minor or a second major. You could design a program of study that will prepare you for further study, in graduate school.

Even the "English--High School Teaching" program, which is more restrictive than the "English--B. A.," provides some latitude for developing concentrations both within and outside the major. Teacher certification students, for example, might like to develop expertise in teaching a foreign language or working on publications and in theatrical productions.

Whatever your ambitions and interests, your advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies are eager to make your English major as rewarding as possible for you.


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