Internship Requirements


  1. English major, junior or senior status
  2. 3.0 cumulative GPA
  3. Basic computing skills
  4. Recommendation of a UNCG English Department faculty member
  5. Approval by the English Internship Coordinator

Procedure for Applying

  1. Print off an application from the English Department website.
  2. Call one or more companies and inquire about the availability of internships. Included in this handout is a list of companies that have expressed an interest in having UNCG journalism interns. Feel free, however, to get in touch with other organizations as well. Wherever you work, we require that the work be genuine journalism or editorial work, not just busy work.
  3. Fill out the application, indicating the organization you want to work for, the person at that organization who will supervise you or who is in charge of interns, and the nature of your duties there.We need to know the name of this person so we can write and, if necessary, talk to her/him.
  4. The Internship Coordinator will review your application. If she approves it, she will send you a letter and send a letter with a copy of your application to the organization where you want to work.
  5. Set up an interview with the organization. If they accept you and you agree to work for them, someone there--your supervisor or the person in charge of interns--should write the Internship Coordinator a letter that accepts you, explains the nature of your work, and agrees to the requirements of the course (see below).
  6. To register for English 401, see the Internship Coordinator. You can register anytime before your internship begins (rather than just during the registration period).

    Reference Form

Requirements and Grades

  1. The intern should do about 130 hours of work on the job, spread out over the semester or summer.
  2. Although the English Department does not object to an organization's paying interns if it so chooses, the organization is under no obligation to do so.
  3. At the end of the internship, the intern should give the Internship Coordinator two things: a) a portfolio of work done on the job and b) a report describing and assessing the internship experience. The portfolio should include all the intern's work or at least a representative sampling of it. The paper should be four-to-six pages long (typewritten, double spaced).
  4. At the end of the internship, the job supervisor will provide an evaluation to the Internship Coordinator evaluating the intern's work and suggesting a grade for the course.
  5. Based on the job supervisor's evaluation and the intern's portfolio and report, the Internship Coordinator will assign the intern a grade.


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