Aden Hizkias Hizkias

My name is Aden Hizkias and I'm currently a senior and working towards my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. I was interested in newspaper publications and contacted several editors in the hope of getting real life experiences.

My first internship was at The Herald-Sun in the Raleigh-Durham area. After sending in my resume, cover letter, and sample writings, I was called in for an interview and offered the internship. I also worked with the English Department Internship Coordinator so that I could receive academic credit which was extremely helpful in connecting my outside experiences to a English course. Through this internship, I was given the opportunity to be a staff writer and take on interesting stories, get my own interviews, as well as featured in print and online publication. This led to my second internship at Indy Week Newspaper where I was able to gain more knowledge on writing and publishing.

This opened up the doors for more professional opportunities such as freelancing at Yes!Weekly, and led to my employment at the university newspaper, The Carolinian, as well as the UNCG Writing Center!

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