Undergraduate Studies in English

Considering an English Major? It May Be For You, If You Want To...

  • teach English in high school
  • be a journalist or editor
  • be a poet or novelist
  • be a lawyer
  • teach English at a college or university
  • have a strong liberal arts education

Choices, Choices...A Major You Can Love

When we survey our graduating seniors each spring about why they chose to major in English at UNCG, almost everyone answers immediately,"Because I love to read." At UNCG, we aren't ashamed of enjoying our work. Of course, an English major can lead you to many varied careers--teacher, editor, technical writer, librarian, lawyer, office manager, social worker, pastor, communications director and advertising or personnel manager, to name a few. Yet first of all we want you to experience two things that often get crowded out of college by mere careerism: reflection and pleasure.

With our small classes (most at 40 students or fewer, many under 30) and our award-winning faculty of scholar-teachers, students can expect to be challenged, stretched, trained, and informed, but we also think that you'll be amused, moved, amazed, maybe even transformed. Whether you're encountering the great works of the past and present in our literature classes, crafting your own works under the guidance of our renowned creative writing faculty; honing your expository and persuasive skills in our rhetoric courses, entering the interpretive conversation through research, or gaining academic credit and professional experience as an intern, we hope and expect that you'll find English to be a labor of love.

A Major You Can Live With

Because the UNCG English major requires only 36 hours of course work, it provides greater flexibility for widely varying educational and career plans. If you consider your options carefully and choose courses wisely, you can tailor a course of study unique to your interests and needs. And at UNCG, we offer our courses morning, afternoon, and evening to fit a range of student schedules.

A Major for Your Life

English is a great beginning for your professional life as well. Do you want to be a journalist? A poet or novelist? A professor? A wordsmith who effectively persuades others and manages their work? Or simply a well-read, insightful connoisseur of profound and beautiful things? English is the place to start.

For help in deciding whether to become an English major, meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, talk to UNCG English faculty, and consult the Guide for English Majors and Minors.


Dr. Jennifer Keith
Director of Undergraduate Studies

For questions about how to combine an English major with public school teaching, including licensure, 


Dr. Jeanie Reynolds
Director of English Education


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