English Requirements before Fall 2010 | Department of English

English Requirements before Fall 2010

I. Survey Courses (9 hours)

211. Major British Authors: Medieval to Neoclassical
212. Major British Authors: Romantic to Modern
251. Major American Authors: Colonial to Romantic

Since these courses provide an overview of English and American literature, we recommend that students take them as early in their major as possible.

II. 303W. Approaches to the Study of Literature (3 hours) 

III. One course in Language, Criticism, Creative Writing, Expository Writing, or Internship or English 321 for English Education Majors (3 hours)

Expository Writing and Journalism:

219. Journalism I: Fundamentals of Newswriting
223. Writing of Essays
318. Journalism IV: Advanced Reporting and Writing
319.Journalism II: Editing the Newspaper
320.Journalism III: Feature Writing and Reviewing
322. The Teaching of Writing
323. Literary Nonfiction
327. Writing in the Professions


531. Feminist Theory and Women Writers
549. The Critical Canon and Contemporary Issues


260. Introduction to the English Language
261. Dialects of American English
321. Linguistics for Teachers
513. History of the English Language
590. Literacy, Learning and Fieldwork
522. Teaching Composition

Theories and Applications:

524. Writing–Advanced: Analytical and Technical

Creative Writing:

221. Writing of Poetry: Introductory
225. Writing of Fiction: Introductory
325. Writing of Fiction: Intermediate
326. Writing of Poetry: Intermediate
425. Writing of Fiction: Advanced
426. Writing of Poetry: Advanced


401. Internship in Journalism and Editing
402. Internship in English Studies

IV. Four Courses in Literature (12 hours)

A. Two courses in literature before 1800, only one of which may be in Shakespeare:

332. English Women Writers before 1800
336. Introduction to Chaucer
337. English Literature to 1500
338. The Sixteenth Century
339. Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets
340. Shakespeare: Later Plays
342. The Seventeenth Century
360. The Eighteenth Century
372. Early American Literature
381. English Drama to 1800
450. Senior Seminar: Pre-1800
510. Old English
537. Middle English Literature
540. Shakespeare, Eight Plays
541. Milton
561. Eighteenth-Century British Writers

B. Two courses in literature after 1800:

315. Postcolonial Literatures
331. Women in Literature
333. Southern Writers
344. Romantic Poetry and Poetics
345. Victorian Literature
346. English Literature from Victorian to Modern
348. Contemporary British Literature and Culture
349. English Novel from Defoe to Hardy
350. Twentieth-Century English Novel
351. American Novel Through World War I
352. Twentieth-Century American Novel
353. Contemporary Novel
358. Modern Poetry
359. Contemporary Poetry
373. American Romanticism
374. Early African-American Writers
376. African American Writers after the 1920’s
377. American Realism and Naturalism
378. American Life-Writing
379. American Women’s Writing
382. Modern British and American Drama
450. Senior Seminar: Post-1800
545. Nineteenth-Century British Writers
550. Modern British Writers
558. American Poetry after 1900
559. Twentieth-Century British Poets
563. American Poetry before 1900
564. American Prose before 1900
565. American Prose after 1900
582. Modern Drama

V. One additional course in English at the 200-level or above.

English 322 for English Education majors. This course can be any of the courses listed above or one of the following:

201. European Literary Classics: Ancient to Renaissance
202. European Literary Classics: Enlightenment to Modern
204. Nonwestern Literary Classics
208. Topics in Global Literature
209. Topics in Nonwestern Literature
210. Literature and the Arts
235. Science Fiction
236. Genre Fiction
252. Major American Authors: Realist to Modern
311, 312. Literary Studies Abroad
329. Literature and Film