Lecturers 2016 - 2017
Name Contact Degree Area
Michael Bedsole Curry 341
PhD in English Literature (completed) The construction & representation of subjectivity in 20th Century British and American Modernism, cultural identity & community in Victorian poetry & prose
Lilly Berberyan Curry 335A
PhD--Renaissance Literature (completed) Renaissance Literature, Jacobean city comedies, theories of gender & subjectivity

Nancy Bucknall

Foust 103D
Matthew Carter MHRA 3322
PhD English Literature (completed) Early Modern literature & the conversational nature of sword combat
Shawn Delgado MHRA 3307
MFA in Creative Writing- Poetry (Completed) 20th Century and Contemporary Poetry, Poetry Writing and Craft, Humor in Poetry, Science Fiction Tropes in Poetry, Contemporary Graphic Novel
Ross Garrison MHRA 3305
MFA in Creative Writing (Completed) Fiction and Narrative
Joe George MHRA 3322
Emily Hall Curry 335B
Ph.D. in Post-1900  British Literature (Completed) Avant-garde, 21st century novels
David Hough MHRA 3311


Luke Huffman MHRA 3305
MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry (Completed)

Poetic craft, Transatlantic Modernist art & literature, technology, magic, framing & language politics, horology & society

Katie Kehoe Curry 335F
MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry (completed) Writing poetry and essays
Cody Lee MHRA 3307
MFA in Creative Writing- Fiction (Completed)  
Elena Makarion Curry 335C
MA- Harvard Extension School in Literature and Creative Writing & MFA- UNCG. Fiction (Completed) Current area of interest is fiction writing, particularly the novel. Elena's thesis work at Harvard was:  Thesis: Flannery O'Connor Grace through Violence
Meghan McGuire Curry 335E
PhD, English (completed) 19th & 20th Century British & Irish Literature, & Interdisciplinary Modernism
Rosemary Roberts No Office
Elma Sabo No Office
Lauren Shook MHRA 3127
PhD, English (completed) Early Modern Literature, Early Modern Women's Writing, Early Modern Religious Culture, Authorship Studies, & History of the Body
Stan Swofford No Office
Jessica Van Rheenen Curry 335D
MFA - Fiction (completed) Fiction, Food Journalism
Katelyn Wilkinson Curry 335G
MA - English, Certificate of Medieval & Renaissance Studies (Completed, University of Louisville), MFA - Poetry (Completed, UNCG) Poetry Writing; Creative Non-fiction; Memoirs
Medieval & Renaissance Literature; Old English Poetry, Cults of the Anglo-Saxon Saints; Women in Early Anglo-Saxon England; Women, Religion, & Convent Culture in Medieval & Renaissance Italy
Byron Woods No Office
Bonnie Yarbrough MHRA 3105
Ph.D. (Completed) Writing for Professionals & Entrepreneurs; Writing Across the Disciplines; Professional Communication; Business & Technical Writing; 19th c. literature; Entrepreneurship


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