Stephen Yarbrough Stephen Yarbrough

Contact Information

Office: MHRA 3105
Office Phone: 336-334-3282
At UNCG Since: 1993


Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University-1982
M.A. Pennsylvania State University-1976
B.A. Sam Houston State University-1972

Research Interests

Dr. Yarbrough works in critical theory, rhetorical theory and history, and American literature and culture.  He is currently working on a new book, tentatively titled Field Rhetorics: An Interactionist Rhetorical Canon.  It is a revision of the traditional canon and principles of rhetoric from the perspective of pragmatic symbolic interactionism, a philosophy initiated by the American pragmatist George Herbert Mead.

Selected Publications

  • “Richard Rorty, Feminism, and the Annoyances of Pragmatism.” Re-reading the Canon: Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty. Ed. Marianne Janack. University Park: Penn State U P, forthcoming.
  • “Not Yet Disagreeing to Agree: Radical Invention and Exilic Writing.” JAC: Journal of Advanced Composition 28.1-2. Forthcoming.
  • “The Temporality and Function of “Ethical Shifting” in Discursive Interaction.” The Responsibilities of Rhetoric (Proceeds of the 2008 RSA Convention). Ed. Barbara Warnick and Michelle Smith. Long Grove: Waveland P, forthcoming 2009.
  • “As You Like It: Michel Meyer’s Metaphor.” Revue international de philosophie. 61 (2007): 377-90.
  • Inventive Intercourse: From Rhetorical Conflict to the Ethical Creation of Novel Truth. Carbondale: Southern Illinois U P, 2006.
  • “On the Very Idea of Composition: Modes of Persuasion or Phases of Discourse?” JAC 25 (2005): 491-512.
  • “Passing Theories through Topical Heuristics: Donald Davidson, Aristotle, and the Conditions of Discursive Competence.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 37 (2004): 72-91.
  • After Rhetoric: Studies in Discourse Beyond Language and Culture. Cabondale: Southern Illinois U P, 1999.
  • Co-author with John C. Adams. Delightful Conviction: Jonathan Edwards and the Rhetoric of Conversion. Santa Barbara: Greenwood P, 1993.
  • Deliberate Criticism: Toward a Postmodern Humanism. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1992.

Awards and Honors

  • NEH Summer Stipend Award, UNCG Senior Nominee, 1997.
  • Everett Lee Hunt Scholarship Award, for Delightful Conviction, Eastern Communication Association, 1994.
  • Fellow, School for Criticism and Theory, 1992.
  • Fulbright Teaching Award, Greece, Spring 1990.
  • Fellow, Interdisciplinary Group for Historical Literary Study, TAMU, 1987-88, 1988-89.


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