Administrative Faculty & Staff


Name Position Contact
Scott Romine Department Head 334-5311
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Risa Applegarth Director of College Writing
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Jeanie Reynolds Director of English Education
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Jennifer Feather Director of Graduate Studies
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Terry Kennedy Director of MFA 334-5459

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Jennifer Keith Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Name Position Contact
Paul Cloninger Administrative Assistant to Head, Associate Head, and Undergraduate Studies 334-5311
MHRA 3139
Responsible for administrative support to the directors listed above; coordinating tenure-track searches and promotion/tenure documentation; planning and supervising department’s Recognition Ceremony; assisting in preparation of the schedule of courses, financial transactions, and other administrative duties.
Alyson Everhart Administrative Assistant to the Graduate Studies Program 334-5311
MHRA 3137
Responsible for responding to queries about the English Graduate Programs; assisting the Graduate Director with advising and the administration of PhD exams; completing and maintaining PhD & MA forms and files; coordinating campus visits for prospective students and assisting with recruiting events; completing personnel paperwork for hiring of teaching and graduate assistants.
Sarah Foster Office Manager and Departmental Technology Coordinator 334-5311
MHRA 3143
Responsible for maintenance of departmental website; supervision of student assistants; administrative support for English Education and special programs; assisting with tenure-track searches and promotion/tenure documentation; ordering office supplies; loading instructional materials to Blackboard, and other administrative duties.
Lydia Howard Business Officer 334-5311
MHRA 3131
Responsible for managing the departmental operating and personnel budgets; purchasing; personnel paperwork for hiring of faculty and lecturers; filing of affirmative action for tenure-track and non-tenure positions; assisting in the planning and preparation of the schedule of courses for the academic year and summer session; office supervision.


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