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Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Welcome to Graduate Studies in English at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro! The Department of English offers degree programs leading to the Master of Arts, the Doctor of Philosophy, and the Master of Fine Arts. Please visit each program’s individual page for more detailed information.

Our distinguished faculty has a strong commitment to teaching as well as an impressive record of scholarly achievements. The size of our programs makes it possible for students to develop individualized courses of study with their advisors. Students in our programs also benefit from our close ties with other departments in the university, including History, Women’s and Gender Studies, African American Studies, and Media Studies.

What current students say about…

…the Community:

“I moved here from NY and I immediately felt like I could call Greensboro home, primarily because my graduate student mentor, the EGSA representatives, my fellow T.A.s, and of course, the Director of Graduate Studies made me feel that way. There is a great spirit of camaraderie rather than competitiveness in our Ph.D. program which really helps students to flourish. Further, during the program, professors provide tremendous support. They are always willing to devote their time and energy to students, even when it’s completely unimaginable that they even have any extra time!”

“The sense of community among students in the graduate English program at UNCG is very positive. The faculty work very hard to challenge us and give us opportunities to become better writers and thinkers.”

…the Faculty:

“Several graduate students who had been promised professional development travel awards in the 2007-08 school year were told in October that because of a law passed by the state, those promised funds would not be provided. In an incredibly generous and charitable act, the entire English department faculty made personal donations so that every student who had been promised funds will actually receive them (straight from the faculty members’ pockets!!). I can’t imagine something like this happening at any other institution.”

“I love that our professors are down-to-earth, accessible, and genuinely want us to succeed. There is a great sense of camaraderie amongst our graduate students as well.”

“The professors at UNCG are incredibly knowledgeable and welcome discussions with students. My academic experience at UNCG is one of my greatest treasures.”

“I am pleasantly surprised at how supportive the faculty is in professional development. I have had professors allow me to gear my projects to conference papers, professors offer me calls for papers, the EGSA and other organizations offer workshops on professional development, etc.”

…the Programs:

“There is a willingness to allow students to pursue interdisciplinary projects at UNCG.”

“In terms of the program here, I’ve been constantly surprised about how much I enjoy it. The superb faculty and the community of fellow graduate students makes this program stand out, in my opinion. I can’t think of anywhere else where I’d want to be studying.”

“It’s good to be in Greensboro with so many smart people. Every day, my professors and fellow students throw down intellectual and artistic challenges. Taking on these challenges is what the MFA program is all about.”

“The MFA workshops here really foster each writer, and the professors are interested in personal style rather than teaching us all to write like them.”

“Upon completion of my degree, I want to teach High School English. I like that there is a recognition of the idea, ‘when teaching this material…’; it orients us to think about efficacious ways to teach.”