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Fellowships, Scholarships, and Awards

Mildred Kates Dissertation Fellowship

Basis of Award

  • Your Candidacy for the PhD on file with the Graduate School
  • A prospectus and at least one chapter of the dissertation
  • Letter of recommendation from the Director of your dissertation committee discussing the originality of the dissertation and the progress you are making
  • This award is intended to support completion of the dissertation during the academic year. Students planning to graduate prior to December 2016 are ineligible.
  • Deadline for submissions: Friday, August 26, 2016

Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Overall strength of the dissertation, including the quality of writing, originality of concept, and the breadth and rigor of research
  • Potential contribution to the field
  • Likelihood that the dissertation will be completed by the end of the current academic year (i.e. submitted to the Graduate School by June 30)

The Graduate Studies Committee (faculty) will judge the materials and make the award. The fellowship is $1500. Send all materials to:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of English, UNCG
3137 Hall for Humanities and Research Adminstration
PO Box 26170
Greensboro NC 27402

The Cloninger-Stout Family Scholarship

In 2007 Amelia Cloninger Stout and Charles William Cloninger, Jr., established the Cloninger-Stout Family Scholarship to honor the memory of their mother, Helen Boren Cloninger Kiser, who attended UNCG (then North Carolina College for Women) in the 1920s. The donors believe education leads to happiness, personal good fortune, and well-being.
The Cloninger-Stout Family Scholarship is awarded in alternating years to a graduate student in the MFA and PhD Programs in English with the two programs having their own descriptions and criteria for the award.
For the doctoral student award, excellent academic standing in the PhD program is the primary criteria.  However, the selection committee will give priority to those students who have also established a strong record of service to the program, department, university and/or the surrounding community.
Service contributions might include (but are not limited to):  editorial work for the Greensboro Review, serving on the Executive Committee of the English Graduate Student Association, serving as a student member of a department faculty committee, and/or volunteering for local programs such as the Urban Ministries food bank.

The awards typically range from $1500 to $2000.

Eligibility: All doctoral students in English who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and who will not graduate in the calendar year of the award process (May, August, or December 2017).

Nomination Documents:

  • A letter of nomination from a member of the faculty, staff, or community or from a colleague (not to exceed 500 words) evaluating the nominee’s academic excellence and service activities.
  • A statement from the nominated doctoral student that briefly explains their academic qualification and details their service activities and the impact their involvement has had on the department, university, and/or the surrounding community (not to exceed 750 words).
  • Supplemental materials that demonstrate impact of service activities (optional, not to exceed 5 pages)


  • January-February: Call for Nominations
  • 1 March 2017: Deadline for nomination letters and materials
  • 1 April 2017: Award Announced for Doctoral Student

The Department Head in consultation with the faculty on the Graduate Studies Committee will evaluate the nomination packets and decide the doctoral scholarship recipient.

Deadline for Postmark of 2017 Nominations and Materials:
1 March 2017

Send materials to:
Alyson Everhart
Department of English
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
3143 MHRA
1111 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC 27412

Graduate Student Essay Awards

Deadline for Submission: March 6, 2017


Students enrolled in graduate degree programs in the English Department are eligible to submit a critical or scholarly essay written for a course at UNCG during Spring or Fall 2015. (Theses and dissertations are excluded.) You may submit only one essay, up to 30 pages (double-spaced). Two clean copies of the essay must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies. The cover sheet includes title of the essay, your name, the course/professor for which it was written. The title should also appear on the first page of the essay, but not your name, the course/professor for which it was written. Be sure your name does not appear in headers or footers on subsequent pages.

Evaluation Procedure

The Director of Graduate Studies oversees the process. Each essay undergoes a “blind submission” and is read by two professors acquainted with the subject. The winner will be awarded $200.

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards

The English department is accepting nominations for the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. These nominations with supporting documentation are due to the Director of College Writing prior to the College deadline. This year, the College deadline is January 20, 2017; therefore, the English department deadline is Friday, January 13, 2017 at 5:00 PM. Please note that portfolios should now be submitted electronically to risa_applegarth@uncg.edu

Faculty members, students, staff, and alumni can make nominations. The College Writing Committee will select a recipient for this Award. The recipient will receive $200.00.

Nominees must be graduate teaching assistants during the 2016-2017 academic year, must be classified as TAs on the PD7 form that is submitted for their assistantship, and must have participated in the mandatory TA training arranged by the Graduate School. Nominees should be selected on the basis of the high quality of their teaching as defined by the guidelines for distinguished teaching in the University Handbook for Faculty.


  • Nomination letter (not to exceed two typewritten pages).
  • Letter seconding the nomination (not to exceed two typewritten pages).
  • Evaluation of the nominee’s teaching by their faculty supervisor, the Department Head, or the Graduate Director
  • Teaching portfolio – which should include a statement of teaching philosophy, methods, and syllabus or syllabi.  In addition, the portfolio might include letters from students and fellow faculty members which discuss teaching style and student success, teaching evaluations, assignments, and samples of student work. Supplementary materials should not exceed 20 pages.
  • Nominee’s student id number.

The teaching portfolio must be prepared by the nominee and is evaluated by the College Writing Committee (faculty committee members for 2013-2014 are Risa Applegarth, Maria Sanchez, Jennifer Whitaker, Dana Gierdowski, and Nancy Myers).

Please contact Dr. Risa Applegarth, Director of College Writing at risa_applegarth@uncg.edu with any questions.

Graduate Student Association Funding

The Graduate Student Association offers a number of grants for travel, professional development, and thesis/dissertation costs. For more information about these opportunities, please see https://graduatestudentassociation.uncg.edu/funding/