Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses in Literature and Rhetoric/Composition


Spring 2019 English Graduate Course Schedule


3:30-6:20              ENG 731 The Popular Book in the Long Nineteenth Century: Bestsellers and what they tell us about reading audiences, taste, aesthetics, and the relationship of critics to popular culture

6:30-9:20              ENG 746 Studies in Contemporary Rhetoric: Theories of Rhetorical Context


3:30-6:20              ENG 688 Women’s Rhetoric and Feminist Pedagogy

6:30-9:20              ENG 664 Topics in Post-1800 Literature: Science and Literature in 19th-Century Britain


3:30-6:20              ENG 710 Studies in English Renaissance Literature: Recipes and Experiments of Science and Magic in Shakespeare’s England

6:30-9:20              ENG 650 Modern Literary and Cultural Theory


3:30-6:20              ENG 608 Chaucer

6:30-9:20             ENG 733 Queer Native Writing


Summer 2019 English Graduate Course Schedule

              ENG 698 Topics in Rhetoric/Composition: National Writers Project Course


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PLEASE NOTE: If a graduate course has an enrollment of fewer than 5 students 30 days prior to the first day of classes in a given semester, the Head will contact the faculty instructor and (in consultation with the DGS) take steps to cancel the course and reassign the faculty member, unless there are compelling extenuating circumstances. Faculty members teaching graduate classes who are concerned about their enrollments prior to the 30-day mark may also elect to speak with the Head about the possibility of reassignment. If it is not possible to reassign the faculty member to another course for the semester under consideration, the faculty member and the Head will discuss the possibility of course reassignment for a future semester. Faculty should not over-enroll their courses without first consulting with the Head.


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