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Dear Herbert in Cambridge Participants:


The bad news first: We have been notified by a number of our Cambridge conference venues that, even in the best-case scenario, strict social distancing rules are likely to stay in place through June 2021, thus probably making it impossible to host our full conference cohort in the spaces booked for 17-21 June 2021.


Furthermore, it is not clear when Britain’s current quarantine for international travelers will be lifted, casting the arrival of many delegates into question. Thus we have been forced yet again to reschedule our conference.


Now for the good news:


  • Rescheduled Conference: Mark your calendars for Thursday-Sunday 23-26 June 2022! Our theme will remain‘Lovely Enchanting Language: George Herbert and Eloquence’.


  • Recommitted Plenaries: We are delighted to announce that all of our plenary speakers (Sidney Gottlieb, HelenWilcox, Rowan Williams, Malcolm Guite, and Seamus Perry) have again re-committed;


  • Online Plenary Preview Panel, 18 June 2021: As a foretaste of our conference plenaries, GHS has invented a new genre, the Online Plenary Preview Panel. Just at the time when we would have been sitting down to our 2021 conference banquet (Friday 18 June 2021 at 7 pm GMT), we will present as an intellectual appetizer a 60-minute online panel of our five plenary speakers, each talking for 7 minutes, raising the issues and questions animating his or her projected address for 2022 while touching on a few Herbertian or other texts—all followed by a moderated Q & A and discussion for another 20-25 minutes.


  • Reconfirmed and restored venues: we also are very pleased to announce many of the same venues: at the historic heart of Cambridge, Trinity College, Clare College, and Little St Mary’s Church adjacent Peterhouse; a short coach ride away, Leighton Bromswold and Little Gidding; and a number of other notable sites likely.


In addition to this excellent news about speakers, previews, and venues, we wish to state the following policies, most of them already announced at our first rescheduling:


–All panelists for 2020 and 2021 automatically will be offered berths for 2022;


–All currently paid registrations again will be rolled over into 2022 at no further charge;


–Registrants and acceptees who will be unable to attend in person during June 2022 may possibly be accommodated by online arrangements to be announced soon;


–Registrants who need simply to withdraw may request a refund;


–Refunds will consist of all meal charges plus 75% of each particular registration fee—and by special application, 100%;


–Those cancelling may, if they wish, treat their fees as donations to GHS, for which they will receive giving receipts;


–All those with papers accepted who have not yet registered for 2020 or 2021 will at a later date be allowed to register for 2022 at the same rates as for 2020.


Now that the newest conference dates are clear, we ask the following:


First, that by Monday, March 1, 2021 you send an email to confirming your participation as definitely as possible, or indicating your inability to attend in person;


Second, that those recommitting continue to bear in mind that the 2022 program inevitably will be shaped somewhat differently from the 2020 program currently posted at; nevertheless, the 2022 gathering will reflect a similar scope and variety, and we still can hope for a good deal of continuity.


Third, that those unable to attend in person indicate whether they are requesting a refund.


A few concluding notes:


–Once it is clear how many and who will be recommitting, we may again solicit further submissions;


–Indeed, one silver lining of our repeated reschedulings has been that a number of those who would not have been able to join us in June 2020 probably will be with us in June 2022.


And now in age I bud again,

After so many deaths I live and write…


For questions, concerns, and suggestions, please contact


The Conference Planning Committee:


Adele Davidson, Kenyon College

Sidney Gottlieb, Sacred Heart University

Kenneth Graham, University of Waterloo

Christopher Hodgkins, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Simon Jackson, Peterhouse, Cambridge University

Anne Myers, University of Missouri-Columbia

Michael C. Schoenfeldt, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor