Forrest Rapier

Forrest Rapier

Office: MHRA 3305




M.F.A. University of North Carolina at Greensboro -2018

B.A. Florida State University -2014

Research Interests


Forrest is finishing a series of poems focused on Caravaggio’s discovery of chiaroscuro and is currently working on a manuscript surrounding Florida myths, shipwrecks and disappearances.

Selected Publications


‘Panthera’—The Boiler


‘Radio Pop’—Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

‘Spitting Image Cut-In-Quarters’—Best New Poets 2018

‘Shade’—Saw Palm

‘Revenant’—Barnstorm, reappeared on Verse Daily ‘Appaloosa Rider Unchained’—The Greensboro Review ‘Curse’—The Chattahoochee Review

‘Twilight Flux’—The Portland Review

‘Coco Clovis’—The Kudzu Review



Academy of American Poets Prize – Amon Liner Poetry Prize –The Greensboro Review